Hey hey!
Should I really be speaking about myself here? Er mm no.
Err I think I should rather tell you something about myself then risking the possibility of  making you think about me in a particular way. I sound confusing no? Well, that’s how I am 🙂

I am in the last year of my teens, growing up fast.
Whatever you read here will be what I see around me; my experiences when blend with my thoughts, always force me to write out whatever runs inside my mind. That is why I respect the freedom of expression and express whatever I desire 😉

I am a no-body, yet somebody.
I love to read intensively. I love music-it is one thing that moves me. 🙂

I love nature and all that is associated to it.
I love hard work. I enjoy being loyal and dedicated.
I love to teach and I love to learn.
I love to talk and well yes, as many of them say, love to listen. That’s just because I think that the ability to listen and understand is the most important requisite to achieve success.
What more? I’v done my Alvls and have started off with Chartered Accountancy (boring part of my life really). I look for shortcuts after evaluating all sorts of risk, and yes, I despise studying though they call me a nerd and a bookworm (that I surely am).

Boring bit no? I’d just stop here.

This blog is just random shit. From the ridiculous political talks (mainly of my country and yeh, international as well) to the most interesting entertainment news. From day to day happenings to the most loved  movie reviews.  And yes, from the most random thoughts enriched with epic experiences to the most realistic life changing quotes, you’d find a fine balance of life here at Truethresholds.

                Stay tuned. Keep reading 🙂