Revitalizing thoughts

Revitalizing thoughts483976_185157718293451_877359568_n

For all the pessimism that I have been sensing in the air for some time, I undertook an evaluative analysis. The conclusion of this deep thinking was nothing but a mere fact that the world needs a change-this change won’t be this easy.

A global change requires on the very first instance, an individual consideration. Our societies want a change in our perception and thought process which will in return bring about a change in our social gatherings. Considering how ‘viral’ our thoughts have become, this ‘change’ will be delivered to the masses, lets say, by virtue of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, which would virtually translate into a global phenomenon.

Maybe what I’m talking is nonsense, but we DO need a change.

Be it the unexpected happening in the school of Connecticut or the invasion of Syria. Be it the saddening and much protested gang-rape of an innocent girl in India or the much hated political tensions that are never ending and always existing.

We all need a change. We definitely do.
For that, we need to change ourselves. For the better good of the world. We need to change ourselves.