Ecstatic moment

Couldn’t be happier moment. While I wrote a new post, I checked out my notifications and found out that I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award by Breige McBride of
She has been VERY kind indeed and I would heartily thank her for such an encouraging gesture.

Here are the rules for receiving the sunshine award:

~Include the Award’s logo in a post on your blog

~ Answer 10 questions about yourself

~ Nominate 10 other bloggers

Now that I’ve done putting in the logo, I’ll move on to the other two requisites.
I don’t wish to come up with lame and random question answers, so I want all of those I nominate to ask me a question each so that I complete this erquirement of receiving the award as well. That’l be interesting (and better than me doing all of it on my own-I assure you that’ll be boring) πŸ˜€

So now, I’d come onto nominating the 10 other bloggers for the Sunshine Blog award. Here goes my nominees, who would be required to do the same as mentioned above.

For the fact that he’s been VERY versatile and for me, he represents a unique culture.

Cause that she’s got the best fashion taste around in the blogs I follow.

I love the way she delivers everything going on in her life. Very expressive, very positive.

Unique fashion taste

Because everything she wears makes her look more gorgeous and model-like. πŸ™‚

For the fact that she’s got a distinctive aim in mind and she’s fulfilling it in a wonderful way.

Again, for an amazing sense of fashion..

For her passion for running πŸ™‚

For liking my posts and commenting on them πŸ˜‰

For being so simple and a good friend πŸ™‚